Dwight Boykins: Small Business Owner and Lifelong Resident of District D

Dwight Boykins  (Source: http://boykins2013.com)

Dwight Boykins
(Source: http://boykins2013.com)

by: Cierra Duncan

Dwight Boykins, a small business owner and lifelong resident of District D, has announced he is running for City Council.

Boykins says he believes it is time for “new vision” and “new direction” in District D. As councilman, he says he plans to improve economic development, infrastructural advancements and the quality of life of residents.

“It’s time for a new direction,” Boykins said at his campaign party. “This community raised me and, as your councilman, I will make sure we continue to move District D forward.”

Boykins says he is committed to serving his community and advocating for District D residents.

According to his campaign website, he has collaborated with SHAPE Community Center, the NAACP and several other nonprofits in hopes of improving the surrounding communities.

Boykins has also served on the Hurricane Ike Relief Fund Board where he supervised the distribution of more than $16 million in city funding to areas in need.

He also served on the Oversight Committee of Rebuild Houston. ReBuild Houston is the City of Houston’s proposal to improve the quality of life and mobility for residents of the city by rebuilding our drainage and street infrastructure.

“We will collect about 350 million dollars a year for the next 23 years,” Boykins said. “This will be about 4 billion dollars to redo the city’s street, drainage, and flooding system.”

Boykins says the money will be collected through a resident’s water bill as a pay-as-you-go user fee. It will not be a tax to all residents.

Boykins’ says his work with Rebuild Houston led him to become an advocate for a second chance program in Houston. In the program nonviolent offenders would be able to rejoin the workforce and become a productive member of society.

“The passion I have to implement this program…I cant ask anyone else to do this,” Boykins said. “Its something that would be a priority for me given the opportunity to serve on City Council.

“I may have an opportunity to work in the White House. I may have an opportunity to hang out with the movers-and-shakers but I never forget the people who need help. That’s where I am with this second chance program.”

Boykins earned a BBA in Marketing from the Jesse H. Jones School of Business at Texas Southern University. He and his wife Genora have been married for 23 years and live in the middle of District D.

More information on Dwight Boykins can be found at http://www.boykins2013.com/.


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