District D Campaign Finance Reports

As of October 15, nine District D candidates have campaign finance reports available for the 2013 elections.

Dwight Boykins is the front-runner with $45,355 in raised campaign funds. He has $14,000 in PAC (Political Action Committee) money and $8,375 in business donations.

Assata Richards has $38,295 in raised campaign funds . She has received donations from other Houston politicians and well-known citizens. They include David Mincberg, former chairman of the Harris County Democratic Party; Sue Lovell, Houston City Council Member Position 2; and Sue Davis, a member of Annise Parker’s campaign team.

Georgia Provost has raised $10,951 in campaign funds. She has received a $1,000 donation from 2013 Houston mayoral candidate Ben Hall.

Christina Sanders has $9,514 in raised campaign funds.

Anthony Robinson follows with $8,3750. His finance report can be viewed thought the City of Houston website.

Travis McGee has raised $4,560 for his campaign and Keith Caldwell follows with $2,725 in raised campaign funds.

Kirk White has raised $780 in campaign funds.

Lana Edwards has raised $100 in campaign funds. However, according to her finance report, she has spent $1,450.49 during her campaign.

The City of Houston does not have finance reports available for Ivis Johnson, Larry McKenzie and Demetria Smith.

Campaign finance reports and additional information were made available through Charles Kuffner and the City of Houston campaign finance reports electronic filing system.

Texas Southern University Advanced Reporting Fall 2013


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