District D Election Results

Less than 20 percent of registered voters participated in the 2013 Houston elections for City Council Seat District D.

According to the Harris County Clerk’s office, District D has 110, 678 registered voters. However, a mere 19, 663 people turned in a ballot during the election. Of the total, 2, 073 residents turned in absentee ballots, 6,716 participated in early voting and 8,397 people voted on Election Day.

Dwight Boykins, president and CEO of D. Boykins Consulting Firm, received the majority of votes. His campaign received 7,372 votes, 42.9 percent of the total collected.

Georgia D. Provost, business owner and photojournalist, earned 14.37 percent of District D residents’ votes. 2,469 people selected her name on the ballot.

N. Assata Richards received 1,882 votes, 10.95 percent of total ballots. Richards is program manager of the Mother’s Residential Program at Project Row Houses.

Christina Sanders is currently an adjunct professor at Texas Southern University. She received 1,151 votes, 6.70 percent of the total collected.

Travis McGee is CEO of Jireh Community Life Center and president of Sunnyside Garden/Bayou Estates Civic Club. He received 1,068 votes, 6.21 percent of the total.

Lana Edwards is a retired HISD administrator. She received 731 votes, 4.25 percent of the total.

Anthony Robinson is an army veteran, lawyer and business owner. He received 730 votes, 4.25 percent of the total.

Demetria Smith is founder of the Anti-Poverty Coalition. She received 467 votes, 2.72 percent of the total.

Keith Caldwell is delegation chair for Precinct 392 and sergeant-at-arms of Senatorial District 13. He received 464 votes, 2.70 percent of the total.

Larry McKenzie is an experienced teacher and medical technologist. He received 424 votes, 2.47 percent of the total.

Kirk White is a community volunteer, rapper and studio owner. He received 263 votes, 1.53 percent of the total.

Ivis Johnson is a manager, business owner and contractor. He received 165 votes, 0.96 percent of the total.
All information was gathered from the Houston Harris County Clerk’s Office and Defender newspaper.

Written for Texas Southern University Fall 2013 Advanced Reporting class.


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